CRaniosacral unwinding


Craniosacral Unwinding is a light-touch modality that bridges physical and energetic bodywork.  In this modern life we accumulate stress and store it as holding patterns in different parts of the body.   After a while these stresses compound and show up as emotional imbalance, tension, symptoms and illness.  Using this technique, stress is discharged from the body and the nervous system is encouraged to move into a parasympathetic state of relaxation (the opposite of fight-or-flight).  From there, the body is able to tap into its innate healing abilities and inner wisdom, allowing you to experience deep energetic resourcing and recharging! 

During a session the practitioner uses palpatory (sensing with the hands) skills to address areas that are ready to be unwound and supported.  As the client is able to relax and let go/go inwards, deep healing begins to take place. The work is subtle yet powerful.  It can provide insights into body/life situations, and is useful in downshifting your nervous system!


  • emotional release
  • integration of other bodywork
  • relieve chronic pain and illness
  • return to homeostasis
  • relief from fibromyalgia
  • treats depression and anxiety
  • better balance


  • relief from and prevention of headaches
  • improved digestion
  • decreased teeth grinding & TMJ
  • better sleep
  • increased body awareness
  • release emotional and spiritual blocks
  • increased resiliency