Prenatal Massage


Prenatal Massage is important for preparing a woman’s body for labor, as well as allowing the  mother-to-be to relax deeply and recharge.  During the pregnancy, so much attention is focused on the coming baby– a prenatal massage creates peaceful and intentional space for a woman to connect with her own body, her process, and her emotional life during the transition period of her pregnancy.

During a session you will begin lying on your side, supported by bolsters and pillows for maximum comfort.  You will be undressed and draped, and an organic homemade blend of oil will be lightly applied for a combination of Swedish and deep massage.  Extra care is given to specific pregnancy discomforts (sciatica, carpel tunnel, back and hip pain) as well as nurturing presence so you can relax completely and practice turning inward…the way you will when you are in labor!


    • relieve tension in back, hips and shoulders
    • open the wrists to treat carpel tunnel
    • treats mild edema & sciatica
    • improve hormone regulation and sleep
    • relieve digestive issues, including constipation and reflux
    • improve breathing function
    • stretch connective tissue, reducing chance of stretch-marks and muscular adhesions
    • boosts blood circulation 
    • relive headaches
    • prepare muscles used during childbirth
    • improve muscle tone and elasticity, and help prevent atrophy from inactivity