"Bahia is a wonderful massage therapist.  I had a really great session with her.  It felt like deep and yet gentle pressure. She really took her time with each area of my body.  Right now I have a broken ankle but I felt completely secure working with her. She never once knocked or banged my ankle and she was really sensitive to my preferences for stronger or softer touch.  Bahia is a true healer."
       — Jessica D

“I appreciated how thorough and deep the treatment/massage technique was.  It was my first experience with this technique and it was blissful and effective.  Bahia was fantastic I felt at ease the entire time.  I want another one!! 
       — Kate C

“My overall experience was pure ecstasy.  The entire session felt very natural, moving seamlessly.  I felt the level of intensity varied with my needs, and that my specific tight and sore areas were taken care of.  In addition, I felt very comfortable and heard.” 
        — Sean K

“Bahia is a gifted healer.  She is very in tune with energy and very respectful of her clients boundaries.  I found the session to be a very healing experience.”
       — Judy M

“It was literally the best massage of my life.  I felt so incredibly relaxed after!  My back felt better, shoulder scar tissue improvement.  It was amazing!!!”  She was awesome and communicated to make sure everything went perfect and felt good.”
       — Ellen W

"The massage was amazing.  Bahia has a gift – she innately understands pressure, intensity, flow, energy – everything that goes into an effective and healing massage.  Afterwards I felt completely restored.  Bahia’s talent, intuition and technique will serve her and others in years to come.  I would highly recommend her and use her again!"
       — Jennifer R

"It makes a traditional massage really boring!"
       — Wendy S

"The session was very thorough and I felt like my body has never had the amount of focus and attention that I received during my session.  This was much needed and I believe will be tremendous for my injury recovery and future prevention.   The session left me feeling complete and at the same time looking forward to the next time!"
       — Matthew H